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Christmas Gift Bundle

Regular price $42.00

Good things come in Three's! 

Choose any THREE items to fit into our Numero Uno Gift Box. This way, you can cater your Christmas Gift Bundle to whoever is lucky enough to receive it on Christmas Day!!

Choose three items from:

  • Any 250g of our Blends:
    • Picasso
    • Black Mamba
    • South Central
  • 250g Single Origin 
  • 250g Decaf 
  • Numero Uno Branded Mate Black Sttoke Cup


Grind type: please specify on your shopping cart (before the check-out screen) the grind type for each coffee - whole beans, espresso, stovetop, plunger/french press, Aeropress, Pourover (V60, etc), Chemex, percolator.


Prices will vary depending on the items chosen. However, price ranges from $35 to $60

Gift Suggestions Price

1) 'Trilogy':  1x Black Mamba, 1x Picasso, 1x South Central OR any other combination of our coffee range.  
Valued at $48.00 

 from $42

2) Coffee Connoisseur: 2x 250g any blend + 1x Single Origin 
Valued at $50.00   

 from $45

3) Coffee-Holic: 2x 250g any blend + 1 x Black Sttoke Re-usable Cup
Valued at $71.95

 from $60


*Note: Exceptions to the above pricing are for combinations that contain Single Origin, Decaf and the South Central Blend where there may be a small increase in price shown in the above suggestions.



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