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The Experience Box - (5 x 200g)

The Experience Box - (5 x 200g)

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The complete degustazione of Numero Uno for you to explore. It includes all our signature blends, a special Single Origin surprise (or Decaf*), PLUS the designer label Rainbow Blend.

Order your Sampler Box and you'll receive 5 x 150g bags, one of each of the following:

  • 1 x Single Origin (Roaster's Choice)
    • 1 x Picasso 
      • Creamy panna cotta, smooth, caramel, milk chocolate  
    • 1 x Black Mamba 
      • Intense bakers chocolate, treacle, and caramel, bold and full-bodied
    • 1 x South Central 
      • Floral notes with bright acidity. Sweet, complex, and clean
    • 1 x Mystery Blend 
    • *Swap out the Single Origin for a Single Origin Decaffeinated - please select


    *Note: Single origins change frequently, our roasters will select available Single Origin on offer at time of order.

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