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BREVILLE DUO: Bambino + Smart Grinder Pro Bundle



We're really excited with this duo! After numerous trials with the Bambino + Smart Grinder Pro together with the Numero Uno blends, we know you will love it too. 

Breville Bambino Plus ™ Espresso Machine

A compact and punchy espresso machine that everyone is talking about. Read more about it here. And if you're ready to take the next step, our roaster Sam Begg has a video tutorial to help you set up 

Breville Smart Grinder ™ Pro

To get the best out of the Bambino, use freshly ground coffee. Chose your grinder carefully, a spice grinder won't do it! It's worth investing in a good machine. The Smart Grinder™ Pro is designed to grind consistently for espresso. With a wide range of grind settings - up to 60, you can change the dosage amount and the timing of each grind, both of which make a big difference in the taste. Details here.



Why don't you add on a
Numero Uno Coffee Subscription 
to this bundle

*10% off any new subscription
(limited time offer)


Sign-up for a coffee subscription to have your favourite blend delivered to your door, stress-free every fortnight or month. We have three blends and a Decaf to choose from.

Picasso Blend: Smooth, caramel, milk chocolate, cardamon, creamy panna cotta, balanced and well rounded.

Black Mamba Blend: Dark chocolate aromas and flavours of Intense bakers chocolate, treacle, and caramel, bold and full-bodied.

South Central BlendFloral notes with bright acidity. Sweet, complex, and clean.

Or feeling experimental and prefer to try the Roaster's choice? Select the Single Origin Subscription. 




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  • Breville offers warranties on their machines, check for details. If failure or fault occurs, contact Breville Customer Service Centre directly (not Numero Uno) on 1300 139 798.



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