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Nicaragua, Santa Rita (RFA - SHG)


From Cuchillas, in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua  comes this outstanding coffee from the Santa Rita Estate which is owned and run by Desiree and Dania - fourth Generation Coffee farmers and (self-described) women of entrepreneurial spirit.

Over 25% of their 165-hectare property, rejuvenated after being abandoned and deforested during the Civil War of the 1980’s, is kept as a nature reserve. The rest is dedicated to the most advanced ecology and horticulture available leading to an incredibly consistent coffee of the highest quality and yield while still taking care of their environmental and social responsibility.

Ripe coffee cherry is picked by hand and taken to their dedicated wet mill to be pulped and washed. Wastewater is treated in Oxidation lagoons while the coffee is sun dried to 10-12% moisture (taking approximately one week). Coffee is then sent to rest in parchment, and is hulled and bagged for export no more than seven days prior to shipment.

 Profile: Caramel, chocolate, almonds. Rounded acidity. Full body. Plum finish. 84+pts


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