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Japanese Genmaicha Organic Tea, Hayashi Family Estate, Kirishima-shi

 糙米茶 (Genmaicha)


Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Ken, Japan

Produced by the Hayashi family. Presiding over just six hectares of farmland in the southwestern corner of Kyushu Island, the Hayashi family uses biodynamic techniques in producing this genmaicha. This kind of farming produces smaller yields and is hard work but it is integral to the ‘quality over quantity’ philosophy that has been passed down over five generations.

The green tea base of this genmaicha is processed with minimal intervention, in the “aracha” (naked or natural) style to showcase the unique volcanic soil and terroir of Kirishima. The base is then combined with roasted organic rice sourced from the Hayashis' neighbour. The heartening warmth of this collective effort translates directly into the cup, the feeling akin to a nourishing bowl of kombu congee on a wintery day.

Take a tour of the Hayashi family tea farm and see how their sencha is processed.

Dry leaves: green leaves with brown toasted rice 
Liquor: light yellowish-green 
Taste: aromas of nori, congee, toast
Process: steamed, lightly fired, blended with rice




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