The Experience - Coming Soon

Welcome to our new retail space where you are invited to experience some of the world's finest arabica coffees.

We present a sensory experience to smell, see, taste, touch and listen to the many wonderful stories from the people and farmers behind each of these coffees through information and workshop events held monthly.  

We're not just going to make coffee for our customers, serve it, and call it a day. Preparing coffee is all about precision and perfection. We want our customers to know about the quality of the coffees they're drinking, as well as the fragrances and flavours they're experiencing, rather than merely the origins of the beans. To meet the particular demands of our customers, each of our coffee blends take on a life of their own to suit the individuals needs.

Some of our Single farm coffees will pair well with 

When it comes to our daily cup (or cups) of caffeine, we in Australia have a distinct coffee culture. While espresso will continue to be our preferred coffee brewing technique, there are some compelling reasons to consider adding filter coffee to our menu. 

Our Experience space is dedicated to offer both espresso and filter style coffees.

On our shelves, we've also dedicated a section of unique coffees from our direct trade smallholder coffee growers from Papua New Guinea (Alpha Coffee Co-oporative), Timor-Leste, Rwanda (Tropic Coffee) and Panama (Finca Santa Teresa).

This will be amplified through a virtual experience (via an App) where a customer who comes into the store can open the App, choose a particular coffee, and connect through stories which are distinctive, honest, and ethical.