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Burundi, Carire Hill

Burundi, Carire Hill

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Country: Burundi
Region:  Gitega
Process:  Dry Natural 
Washing Station: Carire Hill
Varietal:  Bourbon
Altitude: 1,700-1,900 MASL
Cup notes:  Chocolate, apple red fruit, toffee, maple, berry
Score: 87

Burundi - Carire Hill Natural Process coffee is processed in a specialty mini washing station that was founded in 2016. The coffee is dried onsite in purpose built raised beds.

Cyrill, the owner of Carire Hill, aims to produce and process high quality specialty coffee and buys coffee cherries from over 400 neighbouring small lot owners.

He has a mission to support and develop the community through coffee in sectors like education, health and diversified income. Minimum health insurance is provided and this year, a 40% bonus was provided to help with quality of living and help place emphases on quality practices at the farming level. Cyril runs workshops for the farming community to educate in practices that achieves better cup quality. 

The plantation which the washing station is situated on, have planted geisha, mibirizi, bourbon, batian and K7 that grows under organic conditions. They will soon have organic certification from next years fruit.

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