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Cafflano Coffee maker

The Cafflano Klassic is an all-in-one coffee maker.  Available in black or red, it serves as your drip kettle, hand mill grinder, stainless etching filter and thermal mug.  It's economic to buy, portable for coffee lovers "on the go", and can be used with your favourite coffee.  It's also eco-friendly as it requires no electric power, disposable filters or cups.  Everything is rinsable and re-useable!  Great for the car, office, camping, home or school.  Cafflano can also be used to make delicious cold brew - great for the hot summer weather!

It truly is convenient, measuring 89.4mm wide, 193.55mm tall and weighing a mere 470g!  It holds 250ml (15.2oz)  of brewed coffee, and 30 grams of coffee beans.  The unit is made of the highest quality materials:

Stainless Steel (304 grade): Grinder handle, shaft, stainless etching filter and tumbler (inside)

Ceramic: Grinder conical burr (which means less static, no rust and easy to clean)

Silicone: Tumbler (bottom)

Polypropylene (PP/BPA Free): Main body and all other materials

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