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Colombia, Santa Fe De Antioquia, Single Origin

Colombia, Santa Fe De Antioquia, Single Origin

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 Altitude - 1,700m - 2,100m Varietal - Caturra Grade - High-quality Arabica. Process - Washed

Tasting Notes 

Toffee, raisin, tartaric acidity, medium- high body, winey.

Located in the scenic Cauca River Valley, Santa Fe de Antioquia owns a tropical, humid climate, where this coffee is grown by local farmers in a sustainable manner. Cherries are picked by local farmers and brought to the L&D wet mill located in Cañas Gordas, an hour away from Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Samples from each farmer's crop are taken and then submitted to quality controls. Inside the lab, green cherries are separated from ripe cherries and according to the yield percentage farmers are paid on the same day. In order to encourage farmers to pick only ripe cherries, premiums are offered to the highest yield range.

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