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Fairtrade Organic - Colombian Excelso - Single Origin

Fairtrade Organic - Colombian Excelso - Single Origin

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This coffee is sustainably produced and hand harvested in Colombia with full NASSA organic certification and shade grown at above 1250 - 1650masl.
Its a fully washed processed coffee made up of two varietals; Castilla and Typica. A very clean, sweet coffee with notes of currents and dark chocolate
The Region El Eje Caferero is located in the central western region of Colombian Andes. The Coffee Eje is also called the Coffee Triangle because, it also occupies part of the three well-known departments (States) Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Tolima. These departments are all made up of cities such as Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia that are the major centers of the coffee hub and are known for their quality. Our Founder Gina traveled extensively throughout all these cities and even if you’re not interested in coffee, you cannot help but be constantly in the center of coffee plantations with spectacular scenery of rolling hills of mountainous coffee trees
Region - Across the Axis - El Eje Cafetero. Producer - Selected farmers.
Certifications - NASAA Organic Certified. Harvest - October - November 2016

Tasting Notes 

Sweet, current, dark chocolate


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