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Region: South - West

Altitude: 1500 – 2200 MASL

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopia Cultivar

Harvest Period: October - January

Producer: Smallholder farmers

Processing: Natural

Cup notes: Fruity , rummy, sweet dried fruits, complex

Coming from South-West Ethiopia – the area of  Jimma, Illubabor, Bench Maji and Keficho Shekicho. The  country´s coffee production is characterized by a typical “smallholder” structure. The smallholder farmers grow the coffee on their small parcels.  The drying process can take up to 14 days. In order homogeneously reduce the humidity to approximately 12% the coffee is turned several times a day. Once the ideal degree of moisture is reached the dry-milling process starts. During this step the beans are milled, screened and carefully prepared for export.

Cup notes : Fruity , rummy, sweet dried fruits, complex


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