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East Timor, Lissa Veu, Maubara - Wild Organic, Single Origin

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Wild Grown and Organic 
Altitude - 1,800m. Varietal - Hybrido de timor. Grade - High-quality Arabica. Processing - Wet milled Sun-Dried. Soil - Fertile Volcanic.

Tasting Notes 

Raw cacao, vanilla, sweet spices of cloves. 

Nestled high up in the mountains of Maubara, approximately 6 hours drive from the city center of Dili is a farm called Lissa Veu translated in English as New town.
The owner Armindo and his nephew Avalino (manager of the farm) have coffees growing wild and organic under rainforest canopies. No chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides are ever used. Most of the crop is processed using “wet-milling” by which the beans are separated from the pulp within 24 hours of being picked.
The beans are then soaked in water to remove the mucous membrane layer before they are sun-dried.



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