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Ethiopia, Aricha Yirgacheffe - Grade 1

Ethiopia, Aricha Yirgacheffe - Grade 1

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Country: Ethiopia
Region:  Yirgacheffe
Process:  Natural 
Varietals:  Heirloom 
Altitude: 1,850 - 1,880 MASL
Harvest Period:  November - February
Processing Mill: Kebel Aricha Mill
Cup notes:  Peach, Rasberry, Chocolate and Grapefruit acidity
Score: 86

This coffee was sourced from the lush green mountain slopes of the Rift Valley. The high altitude growing conditions are ideal for flavour development in the coffee bean helping with the  typical clean stone fruit characteristics of this particular region. 

Local farmers bring their coffee cherries to the Kebel Aricha MIll where they are sorted and only ripe cherries are processed. This particular coffee was dried for four to six weeks and turned daily to minimise ferment. The dried coffee cherries are then taken for hulling and bagging. 


 See our "How to Brew: An Hario V60 guide" for advice on brewing filter coffee.


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