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Hand Ground (OUT OF STOCK)

Hand Ground (OUT OF STOCK)

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Handground has made it easy to achieve a consistent grind and full potential of every bean with this stylish precision hand grinder. It's the first of its kind to be designed with an ergonomic side crank handle to ensure a smooth, natural and effortless grinding action. The extra wide top allows you to load beans easily without spillage, and the closed locking top prevents them from flying out while grinding. 

To adjust grind setting simply twist the adjustment ring to the left or right for your preferred brewing method, from Espresso grind (1) through to French press (8) with an additional step between each whole number giving you a total of 15 coarseness options in 1 hand grinder.

This visually stunning ergonomically sound grinder features:

            Portable Coffee Grinding - Small enough to grind coffee wherever you go.             40mm Conical Ceramic Burrs - Grind coffee with precision and speed,                    producing uniform coffee grounds that extract evenly for balanced coffee.

  • Side-Mounted Handle - Designed to make manual grinding easy and painless.

    Espresso to French Press - 15 grind settings to give you full-range control.

    Triple-Mounted Axle - Eliminates burr wobbles, which are common in manual grinders and reduce grind uniformity.

    100g Bean Hopper - Holds enough coffee beans for four or five cups.

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