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Costa Rica Monte Brisas- Single Origin

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Country:  Costa Rica
Growing Region : Liano Bonito Naranjo
Altitude 1,600 – 1,700 meters
Soil Loamy & Forest
Process Washed 

Tasting Notes Apple, choc, clean, caramel, grapes, raw sugar

Beneficio Monte Brisas is a family-owned and operated mill in Zarcero de Alajuela. Doña María takes care of all the agricultural and technical processes, as It was her who decided to plant and invest in coffee.

Doña María Elena has earned the respect of the people that surround her as she is one of many women within the industry who are leading the way in cultivating, processing and commercialising Costa Rican coffee. She manages the operation with help from her daughter-in-law, Marícruz. Her son, Luis, is a school teacher in the town of Zarcero but also assists in the running of the farms and mill during the high season.


The Cup: 86.2pts.

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