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Numero Uno x Breville Duo: 12 -Month Coffee Subscription



A Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine
1kg Numero Uno fresh roasted coffee beans delivered to your door every month for 12 months!


  1. Choose your favourite Numero Uno Coffee: Picasso or Black Mamba

  2. Pay $85/month x 12 months

    (12kg coffee over 12 months + espresso machine)

  3. We roast, pack and post your first 1 kg of coffee with the Breville Bambino!
  1. After that, a monthly delivery of 1 kg coffee over the 13 months from date of purchase. You will be automatically direct debited the day before shipment. A notification will be sent to you.

  2. After 12 months, the Bambino Plus is yours to keep!  

Terms and Conditions Apply

Is shipping included? No, shipping is calculated at the checkout.
Can I cancel before the 12 months is finished? No, sorry.  
When do you charge me? Every month from the moment you sign up.
What if i'm going through my coffee really slowly? Can i skip a month? Yes, you can. However this skipped months will be added to your end term. E.g. skip one month and your charge will extended to the 13th month.
What happens after 12 months? The espresso machine  is 100% yours. Your coffee subscription will be rolled over to a general 1 kg monthly subscription based on your original coffee choice ($50 Picasso, $45 Black Mamba, $52 South Central Organic, $60 Single Origins/Single Origin Organic Decaf). If you wish to change to a different coffee subscription or if you do not wish to roll over your subscription after 12 months, contact us at
What if I move or my credit card details change? Please call us straightaway at 0283990111 or email

Please enquire below and answer the following questions:

1. Are you currently working within the hospitality industry? (If yes, please let us your role and a brief background). 

2. Are you looking to get into the coffee industry and what are your career goals within the industry?

3. How do you feel Gina / Numero Uno can help you reach your goals?

4. Would you be interested in group coaching or 1-to-1 coaching?

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