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Peru - Sol & Cafe Fairtrade Organic - SHB Grade 1

Peru - Sol & Cafe Fairtrade Organic - SHB Grade 1

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Region                 Jaen, Cajamarca 
Altitude                1200 - 1800 masl.
Process                Washed
Varietal                 Burbon, Typica, Caturra, Pacche
Harvest Period    April - November
Cooperative         Sol & Cafe 
Classification      SHB Grade 1
Score                   84
Gina Di Brita - Numero Uno Coffee Sommelier
Cup Notes           Dried Raisin, Dark Cacao, Red Fruits

Peru is known for its dazzling views onto Machu Pichu embedded between high slopes of vividly green mountains. Imagine this setting and travel abut 2000 km northwest on the map to the stat of Cajamarca, bordering south Ecuador. Here the area benefits from steady warm temperatures during the day but experiences drastic drops in temperatures at night. This interplay of temperatures leads to slower growth of the bean resulting in much harder, yet more aromatic beans. Hence a microclimate for exceptional coffee prevails.

'Sol & Cafe' is the cooperative located in the heart of Cajamarca in Jaen. Founded in 2003, it has an impressive track record of producing high quality coffees. More than 1,000 farmers are members of the cooperative. Together they set their goal  on cultivating high-quality Arabica's without compromising sustainable, environmental and social aspects.

Being Rainforest Alliance, organic and Fairtrade certified, the cooperative established health insurance, state-of-the-art agricultural technology and an education system in the community. Thereby, focus is not only on award winning coffees but also on the overall well-being of its members.



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