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Rwanda, Kilimbi (Washed)

Rwanda, Kilimbi (Washed)

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On the shores of the majestic Lake Kivu sits the Kilimbi Coffee Washing Station. Surrounded by the green forests of the Nyamasheke District's iconic rolling hills, the Kilimbi station processes coffee cherries harvested by producers from the surrounding villages, with some even being brought by boat from farmers through Lake Kivu. 

Since its construction in 2016 Kilimbi has set a mark in the Rwandan specialty coffee industry producing competition level coffees and paving the way for Rwanda to export natural and honey processed coffees.

Kilimbi was the first station built by the Muraho Trading Company, a young and innovative company with a focus on producing both specialty coffee and achieving something more personal in terms of the Rwandan people who produce this spectacular product.

This hand picked, washed, red bourbon lot is beautifully rich and sweet, with a full and syrupy body. Brimming with flavours of black cherry, plum and stonefruits its not to be missed!

Coffee tasting notes: Cocoa, black cherry & plum

Process: Washed

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