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San Fermin - Colombia AAA, Planadas, Tolima

San Fermin - Colombia AAA, Planadas, Tolima

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Country: Colombia
Region:  Planadas, Tolima
Process:  Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation, +> 24 hours 
Producer: Small Scale Coffee Growers in Planadas
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude: 1,600 -2,000 MASL
Cup notes:  Plum, Dried fig, Panela sugar, Malic acidity.
Score: 87+

Available from 7/11/19

This coffee, grown in the mountains of Tolima, north of Huila, was named in honour of the Festival of San Fermin - celebrating aspects of human nature such as: ‘joy’, ‘audacity’, ‘courage’ and ‘togetherness’. It is no wonder, as Tolima was one of the last regions of Colombia to find peace from a history of violence.

The small collective of farmers in Planadas, Tolima take everyday as an opportunity to follow these principles. As such, the growers have made great leaps to produce consistently high quality coffee resulting from quality farming practices: better processing techniques; picking only mature cherries; and specialised tree care.  This is then reinvested back into farm infrastructure.

“San Fermin is bright, tropical and complex”



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