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Valentines Day Grinder + Coffee Box

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Send the perfect gift this valentines day. This box contains a choice of 1 x 250g of coffee or 1 x 1kg of coffee with a Hand Ground Grinder. Wrapped and delivered to your door via Standard Post, Express Post, or Same Day! Please select your delivery option on the checkout screen.

Hand Ground Grinder
Handground has made it easy to achieve a consistent grind and full potential of every bean with this stylish precision hand grinder. It's the first of its kind to be designed with an ergonomic side crank handle to ensure a smooth, natural and effortless grinding action. The extra wide top allows you to load beans easily without spillage, and the closed locking top prevents them from flying out while grinding. See more about how it works here.

• Papua New Guinea Kokoda AA
• Sumatra Gayo Mountain Grade 1
• Colombia Pitalito
Altitude - 1,000-1,800. Soils - Volcanic. Processing - washed | wet hulled | fully washed
Cup Notes
Aroma of sweet honey and jasmine. Sweet velvet buttery body. Notes of tobacco, caramel & toffee.

South Central
• Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley
• Sumatra, Wahana Estate Natural
• Sumatra Sidikalang, Gold Top
Altitude - 1,300 - 2,100. Soils - Volcanic. Processing - washed | natural | wet hulled
Cup Notes
Heavy body, cedar, spices, cacao, molasses and dark cherry sweetness.

Black Mamba
• Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley
• Brazil Serra Doce
• Ethiopian Sidamo
Altitude - 1,000 - 1,800. Soils - Volcanic. Processing - washed | wet hulled | fully washed
Cup Notes
Clean cup, caramel and treacle flavours enhanced by a buttery body. Smokey herbal finish.

Ethiopian Lekempti Single Origin
Ethiopian Lekempti Coffee is grown in the Ghimbi and Wollega areas and dried in full sun, enhancing the coffee beans complexity and fruity flavour. It's a coffee considered wild and very different, because of the tastes that are allowed to impart to the coffee during dry processing as the fruit dries on the bean rather than being washed off as in a wet processed.
Altitude - 1,800m. Species - 100% Arabica. Region - Ghimbi & Wollega. Processing - Dry Natural. Harvest - Nov- Feb.
Cup Notes
Medium to heavy body, dark chocolate, blackberries, cinnamon, intense bursts of jasmine.

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