Know the roast!

You may not be aware but coffee roasting is a process that requires very high levels of precision to achieve a perfect roast. Let’s try to understand the process in a bit more detail. In roasting, coffee beans undergo some chemical changes with a increase in temperature, and release energy at two different time intervals first and second crack. Now, the process of roasting can be stopped anywhere between the first time interval (first crack) and the second interval (second crack) to obtain a variety of roast types. Levels of roasting greatly influence the taste and flavour of coffee or espresso drinks. For instance, in darker roasts, you’ll find the influence of roasting to a greater extent, and it can be difficult to identify the unique traits of its origin. Some of these roast types are light roast, medium roast, dark roast, Italian roast and French roast. Here at Numero Uno our roast is medium to give the beans we buy the best flavour possible.

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