What is White Label Roasting?

White label roasting (or private label roasting) is when a coffee roaster, produces coffee for another company to sell under their own name. White Label Roasting is a great way for new or emerging coffee brands to get a head start in the industry without the large overheads that can come with a coffee roasting business. It also allows new roasters to curate and perfect their roasting and develop blends before they’ve expanded into the market. By allowing us to take care of the roasting, you can invest more time into building your brand and avoid the large costs of running a roastery.

The benefits:
Cost effective - Lower start-up costs - Team up with industry experts - Expertise and knowledge - Exclusive access green beans - Head start in the industry - Sustainability incentives

Gina’s Background:

Our founder and director, Gina is a coffee expert and business development consultant with extensive experience in retail, marketing, and agriculture. As a consultant to private businesses and stakeholders in Australia and internationally, she provides mentoring and advisory services to increase the value of specialty coffee trade. White Label Roasting gives you the opportunity to work alongside Gina and her team of expert roasters to get a head start in the exciting world of coffee. This experience will showcase her passion for the industry and her willingness to help you succeed at every stage of your own coffee business endeavours.

Green Bean Selection:

What sets Numero Uno apart from other contract roasters is our unique access to the high scoring, premium green coffee beans that we’ve continued to roast for over 18 years. In this time, we’ve developed ongoing global relationships with the green bean farmers of PNG, Ethiopia, South America and beyond. We have access to coffee beans that other roasters dream of, due to our direct trade between farmers and Numero Uno. For example: our alliance with Alpha Coffee PNG. When White Label Roasting with us, you will have exclusive access to these green beans, and can be assured that you are roasting for quality and sustainably. During the green bean selection stage, you’ll have the opportunity to choose beans based on acidity, body, and flavour. Our team will also guide you in selecting beans that match your desired roast profile, depth, and after-taste. We believe in no dream too big, we can accommodate any business model, from an Online (E-Commerce) Business to a Franchise model, with production capabilities from a 30kg batch to larger volumes (100kg+).

Blend Development:

If you’re looking to develop a blend, Gina and the team can assist you in curating and perfecting a desired blend. Blend Develop Strategy will allow us to discuss and analyse the flavour profiles you wish to achieve for your coffee, whether it be a heavy bodied blend, low acidity, or something tea-like. This planning phase will allow us to outline who your target market is and then get creative with your blend to set yourself apart from other competitors in the industry.

Cupping & Tasting:

Whether you’re just beginning or consider yourself a coffee expert, cupping and tasting is one of the most important stages to understand when developing a coffee roasting business. The cupping process allows you to recognise what an origin can bring to the cup and gives each bean an identity. Gina uses both the “SCA Rating” and “Cup of Excellence” scoring methods to understand the quality of the coffee and test for any defects in the green beans. Mastering this stage will allow you to become quickly respectable as a roaster and demonstrate that your passion goes beyond making a quick sale.

Let Us Roast for You:

As a trusted roasters for over 18 years, we have the equipment, expertise, knowledge to turn your dreams into reality. Our proven track record of consistency and reliability, gives you piece of mind when partnering with us. Our expert team of roasters will take care of the heavy-duty work and roast for you. The beauty of White label Roasting that it by letting us do the roasting, you save time, equipment and labour costs. Giving yourself opportunities to build other areas of your business, such as marketing and disruption strategies. (Alternatively, we can provide some initial guidance on the protocols for using our roaster and let you roast for yourself. (This will ultimately depend on the experience level))


The appeal of White Label Roasting is that you have ability to sell your coffee under your own private business label. However, to complete our white label service we further offer the assistance in the packaging decision making process. As a long-term wholesale company, we can leverage the costs associated with branding and use our connections with our packaging companies to your advantage. Our team and external resources can help you through those crucial decisions on choosing a look and feel of the packaging, generating a unique and marketable design and developing an effective branding strategy.

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