Australian Coffee Industry Mentoring

Specialty Coffee Mentorship

Embark on the next phase of your coffee entrepreneur journey with assurance, led by the visionary force behind Numero Uno Coffee Roasters - Gina Di Brita who is the distinguished award winning recipient of the 2019 Eleanora Genovese Australian coffee woman of the year.

As a mentor, she serves as a beacon of knowledge and experience, providing support to those navigating their paths in the coffee world. Her role extends beyond just sharing industry expertise; she is a source of encouragement, fostering confidence and resilience in her mentees.

Through her guidance, mentorship becomes a powerful tool for empowering the next generation of leaders, ensuring a vibrant and comprehensive future for the world of coffee.

In a meaningful one-to-one session, spending two hours with Gina, you'll not just enhance your coffee business but also gain invaluable insights that will influence its direction.                 



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