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About Us

Numero Uno roasters continue to actively seek coffees farmed from ethical and sustainably grown crops. Where ever possible they are committed to establishing relationships and sourcing directly from coffee producers, currently in Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua. This ensures farmers and workers are paid a living wage, enabling them to gain a good education for their children and a higher standard of living. In addition these farmers produce coffee using farm practices that do not harm the environment, water and the dense wildlife around them. They further enhance traceability by buying coffee through programs such as Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade, USDA, and UTZ certified farms. Numero Uno has a responsibility to share the human story and struggle that underpin each cup of coffee, by working towards supporting and respecting future coffee generations.

Numeo Uno Artisan Coffee has gone from strength to strength since their humble beginnings in a small garage within Sydney. Gina says  I remember just before I started the coffee roasting business, my instincts told me that coffee was about people and building strong relationships together with a fresh, quality roasted product.  This has been the guiding light for Numero Uno ever since. The company's first blend, Picasso, remains its most popular product today. In determining the approach to the blend, Gina owned and operated her Sydney Espresso Bar, Pablo's Vice, and settled on combining single-origin beans from five countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Honduras, and Sumatra. With Picasso, the wholesale side of the business began to take off, and Gina indulged in the educational opportunities that this afforded her. It was as though I was on a wild path of learning that swept me in the direction I was supposed to go,  she says, and she believes that this is the future for coffee in Australia. She is constantly searching to improve her business with the awareness for more ethical and sustainable outcomes especially when it effects communities whether it be locally or globally. If something isn't working, she will make the necessary changes until it comes back to being harmonious. Above all, she appreciates the importance of building relationships and that they take time, respect and have to be nurtured.