Numero Uno are proud to continue to provide local cafés with quality coffee, especially during these challenging times. To show our support, we are spotlighting local baristas who continue to warm our hearts and hands with our favourite coffees throughout the most recent Sydney lockdown.

This week we sat down with CHUU Salad & Juice Bar, on the sunny shores of Manly, located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. CHUU is a hybrid of a Cafe and Asian Salad Bar where owners JJ and Katie have continued to grow a passionate and loyal customer base with the Manly community.

So, Why Numero Uno Coffee?
“We were a new face when we first opened the shop in winter 2019, we tried searching for the roaster that suited us, then I had a chance to talk to Gina and felt her passion. She is willing to support small boutique cafes like us. We have been using the Black Mamba blend for over two years, it tastes great, is consistent and easy to work with. It’s alway gets good feedback from customers!”
JJ also praised the amazing customer service abilities of our operations manager, Antonio, revealing that,
 “Antonio is also one of the keys to our success, with his reachability, quick responses and high levels of experience. We know we’ll always get supported all the time”.

How have you had to adapt to continue running your business?
 “As the Covid19 situation developed, home deliveries and takeaway products are something we are really focusing on. Fortunately, Numero Uno already had beautiful take away cups. We believe food and drinks should look appealing even when they are in a takeaway container. We also offer some coffee and breakfast deals which is are very affordable for everyone.”

What’s the most important aspect of keeping customers happy?
 “Customer relations is always our top priority. As a barista, remembering customers’ names and coffee order is a very important part of this role. It is the easiest and cheapest way to impress your customers every morning.  Timing is also a very important thing, nobody likes to wait, believe me, serve the coffee as quick as you can!”

Have you noticed any growing coffee trends from your customers? 
 “Can’t deny that the alternative milks are the thing right now. Once again, thanks to the Black Mamba that works well with those milks!”
Best piece of advice / message to other small businesses during lockdown?
 “Be adaptive, be creative and please do not give up.”

We love the dedication that CHUU has shown to keep their doors open and coffees hot for their community! We wish them all the best through these challenging times and to remember that better days are just around the corner!
With Love,
The Team at Numero Uno Coffee Roasters
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