This week we spoke to our long-time customers and friends Frederic and Laurence, proud owners of Sydney's top French Patisserie - Croquembouche Patisseries. 
So, Why Numero Uno Coffee?
For the last 14 years we have always used Numero Uno coffee. The quality of the coffee is superior and most consistent to other blends that we have tested. The fact that Gina is an empowered women in this male dominated business sector really inspired us and continues to every day. She has proven that it is not about who makes the coffee but rather how you make it and the effort and story that comes along with this. When serving Numero Uno coffee we are confident that the beans are sourced ethically and know that the ever-changing trends in pallets are always kept up to date by the coffee roasters.

How have you had to adapt continue to run your business?
The covid situation remains all up in the air. However, we have been fortunate enough to continue to be able to serve delicious treats and coffee as well as receive so much support from the surrounding communities. We have created so many French take-home meals such as Boeuf Bourguignon, French twist Shepherd’s pie with duck confit and so much! As well as this we also provide healthy salad bowls, freshly made sourdough sandwiches and fresh galettes to devour! Our speciality eclairs and pastries are also available for take away baked fresh every morning. To keep things exciting we also provide our customers with weekend specials that change every week…

What's the most important aspect of keeping customers happy?
Keeping our customers happy has been and always will be our number one priority. As a team we focus on creating an experience that the customers will remember whether it be greeting them by name or simply having their coffee order ready to go before they have even stepped through the door. Ensuring the consistency and quality of our coffee and our products makes for happy customers that just want more!

Have you noticed any growing coffee trends from your customers?
We have noticed during the lockdowns our customers drinking a lot more coffee … and stronger ones too! Going for walks around the suburb it is so easy to just grab a coffee on the way. Our customers have been open to trying new things however the alternative milks such as Oat milk have been most popular lately.

Best piece of advice / message fro other small businesses during lockdown? 
It is tough but we are all in this together! Adapt as best you can and ask the community what they want to see more of! Creativity is such an important aspect of small business success and having community input can open up a whole new view.

If you're looking a slice of France right on your doorstep, you must stop in at Crocquembouche for their amazing French pastries, lunches and of course coffee!
In the meantime head over to their website and check out their full selection below!
We are truely inspired by the perseverance of Frederic and Laurence who continue to serve their loyal community during these challenging times. Gina and the team are so proud to be partnered with such amazing people and thank them for their friendship over the past 14 years. We wish them all the best and can't wait for the years ahead!

With Love, 
The Team at Numero Uno Coffee Roasters

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