The benefits of serving a specialty single origin

The benefits of serving a specialty single origin

Today’s specialty coffee customer has high expectations. The look and feel of the café, the quality of the drink, and excellent customer service must combine to meet or exceed this expectation. Specialty coffee consumers are aware of quality and transparency in the coffee they purchase and when highlighting a Single Origin coffee as part of the daily coffee menu, customers have an appreciation.  They engage and are often willing to learn more, sometimes chatting with the barista or in their own time researching facts and perhaps attending coffee workshops. They begin to feel a deep personal connection to the coffees they are experiencing.

Most customers are not educated in coffee and may have no interest in what goes into their daily cuppa, but can be introduced through subtle visual points indicating better quality of coffee being served. The most important aspect of a Single Origin coffee is its traceability, where the coffee is sourced from i.e. is it a single producer or a 
co-operative, region or specific country or more specifically what lot or paddock the coffee was grown on, or if its a micro lot, what type of varietal and from what specific farm.

Running a specialty grade single origin has more advantages than you might think. It creates a point of interest, a talking point, and even an education aspect . This generally improves customer retention as you become the powerhouse of knowledge base around coffee and customers respect that, generally coming back for more coffee (and knowledge). Another advantage of stocking a pure origin bean is the point of difference from your competition. This gives your customer more choice... who doesn't like choice these days. Showcasing a weekly single origin gives the impression you are ever changing and like to keep things interesting. 

For the customer, a single origin coffee may reveal the difference in flavors, nuances and characteristics. By educating a customer's pallet they gain the ability to pick aspects and traits specific to regions and origins. 

For more information and education on coffee tasting why not sign up here to our tasting session at Numero Uno HQ. They are conducted at the end of each month starting in October. 
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