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The Story of Our Nicaragua Single Origin

We believe that behind every coffee there is an amazing story.

Dania and Desiree started their coffee farm in 1998, after they came across an a once thriving coffee plantation that had been abandoned due to the Nicaragua Civil War.

These two empowered women rose to the challenge to revitalise the plantation and turned the area into the beautiful Santa Rita plantation that flourishes today 🌱
Santa Rita is the story of two incredibly driven women who combined their passion for coffee with their integrity and built a plantation that produces some of the best specialty coffee in the world 🌎
The plantation is commited to sustainable farming and improving the quality of life of its employees. Santa Rita also holds certifications from the RFA (rainforest Alliance), UTZ and C.A.F.E
We are proud to support these amazing women and thank Dania and Desiree for their commitment to our industry.
Nicargua, Santa Rita RFA is available now!

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