What is ‘Mould Free’ Coffee?

What is ‘Mould Free’ Coffee?

Moderate coffee consumption has been proven to have protective effects from heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. This is likely due to the nutritional content of phytochemicals, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B all of which contribute to the elimination of free radicals and boosting metabolism (Harvard Health, 2020).  However, there is debate over the impact of mycotoxins to undermine these positive effects. Mycotoxins are potentially harmful compounds found in coffee, produced by moulds.  These moulds are small fungi that can grow on coffee beans if they are incorrectly stored after a crop harvest.  

Our Founder, Gina Di Brita has travelled extensively to many different coffee growing regions and is passionate about coffee quality at every touch-point, from harvest to post-production. This is why we offer defect free, 100% arabica coffee sourced direct trade from our small-scale farmers. 

"Before I buy any coffee whether direct trade or through a green bean importer, I use a cupping and tasting protocol that is a recognised international standard. 
These protocols are designed to identify harmful defects, but also to determine the quality in the cup ie: flavours, acidity, sweets, aftertaste and body" (Gina Di Brita)

Gina is an international specialist coffee judge with over eighteen years industry knowledge in the area of sourcing and purchasing green coffees. She is currently working with Australia's closest coffee producers (smallholder farmers) in Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea to assist in improving coffee quality and production, to raise their competitiveness in the global market. Gina does this to realise her goal of seeing more money in the coffee supply chain flowing back to the farmers and their families, to raise standards of living. 
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