Hand Ground Grinder

The Hand ground grinder hit the coffee market in a big way due to over exceeding its crowd funding source by thousands of coffee enthusiasts around the world with the goal of achieving precision when grinding coffee. It could possibly be one of the best hand ceramic burr grinders on the market because in the coffee world we all know that a consistent grind makes for a consistent coffee.  This grinder was designed for the "third wave” specialty coffee drinker. The handy thing about this grinder is that It has 15 grind settings for any brew method and has a half step between each dialling number from 1-8. It comes with detailed instructions on what grind size for what brewing method as a guide and a flavour wheel for the more discerning coffee drinker.  The consistency is aided by the fact it has a 40mm conical ceramic burr with a triple mounted axle to eliminate the burr from wobbling.  It's hopper can hold up to 100g of coffee beans with built in measurement marks.  You can bring this awesome little grinder wherever you go.  It is lightweight made of acrylic and brushed nickel.  If you’re in Sydney, come into our Danks street store in Waterloo to give it a try.

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