For this weeks Spotlight Cafe we spoke to Robert Casarotto, owner of Cantine Verte, located in the heart of Alexandria.

Robert continues to operate the French inspired cafe, serving delicious baguettes, fresh salads and rotating daily specials to his loyal customers of the Alexandria business park and beyond.

So, Why Numero Uno Coffee?
I have known Gina from day one and never looked back. She has set the bar high at Numero Uno and all her staff share the same passion and drive to be the best they can be. The coffee has always been of high quality, ethically sourced and meets our expectations and that of our customers. Numero Uno provide us with exceptional customer service, always friendly, always available, always going the extra mile to support us in every aspect of the process. Exactly the coffee partners we want in our business.

The Secret to a Great Coffee
The secret to a great coffee starts with high quality beans, roasted consistently to a specific profile that becomes your point of difference to other cafes. Secondly the barista becomes the medium between the beans, the machine and the coffee in the cup. The skills of a barista to understand the blend and consistently produce a perfect cup of coffee can not be underestimated. A good quality grinder and coffee machine are also vital in this process. They need to be well serviced and constantly cleaned. The end result should reflect the roasters intention for that particular coffee.


Adapting the Business in Current Times
Due to COVID we like most businesses have had to adapt. We have been fortunate that much of our trade is takeaway, so becoming 100% takeaway wasn’t the big issue. Engagement has now become even more relevant than before. Staying in touch with your customer base through social media is vital. Many of our customers now pre order and do contactless driveway pick up. 

Keeping Customers Happy
We have always made it our purpose to start the day positively and keep that energy between us and our customers throughout the whole day. Being positive, efficient, a genuine smile, remembering customers names and their coffee just he way they like it are the keys to a happy customer. They want you the same way they want their coffee, consistent, sweet but not too sweet and definitely not overpowering.

Growing Coffee Trends
Over the past year or more we definitely have seen a big increase in the number of black coffees we sell. Batch brew, long and short blacks. Iced coffee both black and white have also become very popular in the warmer months.

Best Piece of Advice
The best advice I could give would be to reach out to peers in the industry. Do you know other people in hospitality to discuss ideas with? How are they going, what are they doing that’s different? Gina for one is very proactive and has always been happy to share insights with me for which I am always grateful.

Whether you're looking for your morning caffeine hit or stopping by during your lunch break, the team at Cantine VERTE will be sure to satisfy your cravings.

Gina and the team at Numero Uno can't thank Robert enough for his hard work and dedication over the past 7 years and wish him all the best through these challenging times.

With Love,
The Team at Numero Uno

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