Cold Brew: Our Secret Guide

What You Will Need:

Coffee - Freshly ground coffee is the key ingredient for your cold brew. For this cold brew recipe we suggest a Single Origin with a lighter roast such as our Mexican (Kux Kux), ATSABE Honey or Ethiopian (Natural). Check out our full range of Speciality Blends and Single Origins here.

Grinder - Ideally, a grinder which can produce a courser ground. We recommend the Breville Smart Grinder Pro or the Hario OCTO Hand Grinder for a consistent grind every time. Alternatively, we can grind all our beans for you.

Brewing Device - When it comes to brewing at home the easiest way start is on a home brewing kit. We recommend the Toddy's Cold Brew System, which is low-price, simple to use and consistent. (We will be basing this recipe off the Toddy's Brewer).

Water - An obvious addition to any cold brew, but it is essential that you are using filtered water, free from impurities when brewing a cold brew. 


  • 400g of coarsely ground coffee
  • 2L of cold, filtered water


1. Wet the filter and insert it into the groove inside the brewer. Make sure the plug is in at the bottom.

2. Add the paper filter bag to the brewer. The brewer will work without this, but it helps to extract more from the coffee, and makes clean up a whole lot easier.

3. Grind the coffee coarse (between filter & french press / plunger) and add to the brewer.

4. Pour cold, filtered water over the grounds, try to wet them as evenly as possible. If you're using the paper filter bag stir the coffee to make sure the grounds are completely wet. (If you're not using the bag, don't stir the coffee as the fine grinds can block the smaller filter - just pat any dry grounds you can see with the back of a spoon.)

5. Cover the brewer and leave to brew at room temperature for 20-24 hours

6. After the 20-24hrs, remove the plug and place on the decanter to drain.

*Cold brew can be stored in the fridge for up to 14-days*

Adding milk to your cold brew:

When serving with milk we suggest adding 2 part Cold Brew with 1 part milk to a glass of ice.

Alternatively, you can add more cold water to dilute the strength or add sparkling water to create a fizzy cold brew coffee.

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