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Cloud and Mist (Yun Wu)

*Out of stock, expected restock date is 25th Jan 2021

Under the watchful eyes of the Yuangsheng tea producers of Gongshu District, Zhejiang, this delicate green tea is created to impart its renowned buttery aroma. The tea grown here has this distinct flavour in part due to the combination of its rich river waters, soil type, hilly typography, humid subtropical climate and of course, the valley mist that blanket the tea bushes here. No deliberate oxidization process takes place. Once withered, the tea is rolled and lightly baked to create its signature deep green curls. 

Dry leaves: forest green, twisted curls
Liquor: light jade colour 
buttery, macadamia, coconut, pina colada
Process: withered, rolled and baked

云雾 (Yun Wu)


Gongshu, Zhejiang, China



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