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English Breakfast Organic Tea (TGOP premium grade)

English Breakfast Organic Tea (TGOP premium grade)

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Chardwar Estate, Assam, India

This is a premium English Breakfast.
Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe (TGBOP) grade means that whilst the cut is short allowing for a fast infusion, the abundance of golden tips gives it enough flavour such that blending is not required - a straight up single estate English Breakfast. 
What you get in the cup is just as simple and clean. Mellow Assam chocolate will be a comfort to the hearts of many EB loyalists but without the extreme high or low notes sometimes associated with blends. Just a long, balanced easy cup with or without milk.
No added pesticides or fertilisers keeps things lean and clean at Chardwar Estate. 
Dry leaf: short, tippy cut
Taste: mellow malt, chocolate
Process: organically grown, fully oxidized



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