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Masala Chai

Masala Chai

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This is not just for show – we handcrush spices to bring out the authenticity of this masala chai. Also note our use of the proper tea base for masala chai – an Assam CTC to give it the strength it needs to take on milk well. At last, a chai worthy of the title ‘Masala’! This is the authentic recipe for Indian spiced tea combining both ground and hand-crushed whole spices with a robust Assam tea for strength and colour in milk. Warming, tantalising, and highly addictive – the ultimate spiced chai. 




1. Masala Chai
2. Ice cubes
3. Milk (or alternative)

1. Steep 2 Tsp of Masala Chai for approx 4-5mins (For a really strong base 5mins +)
2. Add ice to a cup of your milk of choice (or alternative)
3. Pour over the Masala Chai

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