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Rwanda, Mutovu (Washed)

Rwanda, Mutovu (Washed)

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The Mutovu Washing Station was first built by small co-operative of only 10 farmers, who each had between 1500 - 5000 coffee trees to care for and manage. Since its first harvest in 2012, this washing station has flourished in the local community. It’s central location allows more farmers to access the facilities, and those 10 farmers gathered cherries from about 2000 neighbours to combine for a cohesive, complex lot that resulted in high cupping scores.

The Rwanda Trading Company acquired the washing station in 2019 to help boost investment in the community of farmers around it and grow the support for the founding co-operative members. From its humble start with a few thousand coffee trees, Mutovu produces 300-400 tonnes of cherries each harvest now, and the quality remains of outstanding quality.

Coffee tasting notes: Red apple, orange blossom & nectarine

Process: Washed

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