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Single Origin (Roaster's Choice)

Single Origin (Roaster's Choice)

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Want to dive deep into the complex world of coffee? 

Are you ready to find new tastes and learn about different varieties, processes, regions, and farms from all around the world? 

Like a good wine, a good coffee provides a complex blend of different flavours, which together produce a range of sensory experiences. Many factors go into making a great coffee, starting at origin.

Single Origin coffee is all about traceability: knowing the plant variety, the environment that the coffee is grown in and how.  And also like wine, the same coffee plant can produce differences in taste every season, depending on the weather, soils and what was happening to that plant in that season. 

On top of that, it is about the people who produces the coffee i.e. is it a single producer or a co-operative, region or specific country; and how they produce it i.e. natural, semi-washed, fully-washed, honey, carbonic maceration process, etc. It is about the roasting methods (that's us at Numero Uno) and then finally how it is brewed and drunk. 

Understanding different specialty grade single origins is incredibly fun and educational. This is why we constantly search for different coffees every month because it challenges us to understand the single origin and roast it in a way that reveals its nuances and sings in your mouth. 

So for example, if you want to know how a Timor-Leste coffee from the Atsabe region differs from Fatubessi region, or how an Atsabe honey process differs from an Atsabe natural process, then getting a regular delivery of Timor-Leste single origins is the way to go. 


Numero Uno Single Origin Subscription
Sign up to a Single Origin subscription and we'll deliver you the Single Origin of the week/month. Choose your quantity, grind and how often you'd like it delivered. We roast and ship fresh the next day after your order. Your account will be debited each time your delivery is due. You can cancel anytime. 
Note: Single origins change frequently, our roasters will select available Single Origin on offer at time of order.

The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and World Coffee Research 


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