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Be in the chance to win a 3 hour home barista course and much more.

Numero Uno have partnered up with loocl and Ellaslist to offer a prize of 1kg of South Central Organic blend, a bialette stove top and a 3 hour barista training course. To be in the chance to win, nominate a local Eastern Suburbs business here that you love. If they sign up to loocl you are in the draw to win. Below is a little more info on both loocl and Ellaslist if you're unsure what they are all about. Ellaslist is the essential daily guide for Sydney mums! Find out what’s on for kids in Sydney and discover great daily...

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Drink coffee do good

cafesmart2015 charity coffee do good drink coffee homelessness

Do you ever drive past a soup kitchen and think, one day I will volunteer? Or throw change in a homeless persons cup thinking I could do more? Here is an organisation that can help you on that quest. Cafe smart is a one day annual event that unites coffee makers and drinkers around Australia to help people that are homeless. So how it works is every coffee purchased in a participating cafe, $1 is donated to cafe smart. As a roaster we donate 1kg of coffee to each participating cafe to use on the day of cafe smart (7th August).  Last year...

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Know the roast!

brambati coffee espresso roast roast profile

You may not be aware but coffee roasting is a process that requires very high levels of precision to achieve a perfect roast. Let’s try to understand the process in a bit more detail. In roasting, coffee beans undergo some chemical changes with a increase in temperature, and release energy at two different time intervals first and second crack. Now, the process of roasting can be stopped anywhere between the first time interval (first crack) and the second interval (second crack) to obtain a variety of roast types. Levels of roasting greatly influence the taste and flavour of coffee or espresso drinks....

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Afternoon treat

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Afternoon treat. | Organic Banana Bread w/ coffee ricotta, coconut syrup and cinnamon | 

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